SilentStar Vacuum cleaner with bag

Eco, SilentSeal nozzle, HEPA 13 washable filter
SilentStar Vacuum cleaner with bag

The power of silence
Tough on dust, gentle on your ears

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SilentStar Vacuum cleaner with bag
Enjoy a relaxing, undisturbed home life with Philips SilentStar vacuum cleaner. With its unique SilentSeal nozzle, this vacuum cleaner delivers powerful cleaning performance with minimal noise.
Minimum noise, maximum suction
Optimal performance & low noise due to the SilentSeal nozzle
The SilentSeal nozzle contributes to an optimal performance in both low noise and dust and fluff pick up. It is optimally sealed for efficient airflow resulting in best cleaning performance - made by WesselWerk.
Aerodynamic air channel reduces noise to a quiet 70 dB
The air channel has been finetuned to make sure the air slides a smooth way out that minimizes noise creation. Additionally a special motor suspension reduces vibrations.
Low power consumption, high-power results
1250 Watt HD motor delivering 2000 Watt performance*
Highly efficient 1250 Watt HD (High Density) motor generates max. 400 Watt suction power, which means that it uses 30% less energy with the same cleaning result as a 2000 Watt appliance.*
Highly efficient anti-allergy system
HEPA AirSeal plus HEPA 13 filter
This Philips vacuum cleaner has been designed in such a way that all the air taken in is passed through the washable HEPA 13 filter (99.95% filtration) before it is exhausted. No escape is possible.
ECARF Seal of Quality for trusted results
This ECARF certified vacuum cleaner guarantees with 99.95% certainty that almost all the air in the room will be filtered along with the normal vacuum action. This removes almost all allergens from carpets, furniture, and other spaces in your house.
Easy to use all over the house
Two comfortable carrying handles for extra convenience
This vacuum cleaner has not one, but two carrying handles. When it is on its wheels, there is a handle on top which enables you to easily move the cleaner around with very little bending. The second handle on the front side of the appliance enables you to comfortably carry it around in an upright position.
*Philips internal measurement; 2010.
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SilentStar Vacuum cleaner with bag
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