Viva Collection Bread maker

14-menu, 1000 g
Viva Collection Bread maker

Wake up to fresh bread every day
Bake any flavour. It's easy and delicious!

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Viva Collection Bread maker
You will love the irresistible smell of fresh warm bread every morning! It's very simple…. Add your ingredients at night, set the delay timer for next morning, and let the Philips bread maker do the rest.
Bread just the way you like it
14 pre-set programs to bake bread, make dough and even jam
The Philips breadmaker has 14 easy-to-use preset programs that bake any bread to perfection, from rich and satisfying whole wheat to gluten free, French and sweet varieties. It also makes specialty breads such as Borodinsky, Easter bread and delicious dough for pasta, even jams too. Whatever you bake, it's always delicious and easy to do because the pre-sets take care of the temperature and time for the best possible results. If you're in a hurry, you can use rapid program for quicker result, or even super rapid program that just bake in one hour only.
Bake two sizes of loaf up to large 1kg
Bake just the right amount of bread for your needs. Simply choose the loaf size on the control panel to bake medium (750g) or large (1000g) depending on your needs.
3 browning levels for your preferred crust
Thanks to the advanced temperature control system, the Philips VIVA breadmaker let you enjoy your bread just as the way you like it, whether light, medium or dark crust, only with a simple push on the control panel.
'Add' indicator for specialty breads with extra ingredients
During the mixing stage, the breadmaker will give 'beep' sounds to alert you to add other special ingredients to your specialty bread if you wish.
Up to 13-hour delay timer to wake up to freshly baked bread
Enjoy the irresistible smell of fresh warm bread every morning - a true treat and the perfect way to start the day! Simply set the delay timer the night before and the breadmaker will prepare and bake your loaf while you sleep for freshly baked bread to eat the moment you wake up, or whenever you like.
Great results with ease
Handy recipe booklet included
Large viewing window to let you watch bread rise and brown
Measuring cup and spoon included
Friendly design which is super silent (< 55 dbA) and compact
The breadmaker has a very user friendly design which is super silent (55dbA) when operating, so wake you up with the smell of fresh bread, not by the noise. Its compact design is superb to fit for any modern kitchen.
Very comfortable control panel position for all users
With maximum safety
Integrated non-slip handles for easy and safe handling
If you need to move your breadmaker or store it in a cupboard, you’ll be glad of the sturdy integrated non-slip handles that make it easy to lift and move around.
The base stays cool and safe to touch
The base stays cool and safe to touch
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Viva Collection Bread maker
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