SatinSoft Epilator

Wet & Dry, 5 accessories, with the skin stretcher
SatinSoft Epilator

Gentle, yet effective epilation
with gentle tweezing discs and 5 accessories

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SatinSoft Epilator
Our SatinSoft epilator with its getle tweezing discs and a unique skin stretcher, protects your skin against pulling and offers a gentle epilation, wet and dry. It also includes a shaving head with trimming comb and a sensitive area cap.
Gentle, yet effective
Gentle tweezing discs remove hairs without pulling the skin
This epilator has gentle tweezing discs to remove hairs as short as 0.5mm without pulling the skin.
Skin stretcher keeps your skin firm during epilation
An innovative feature which keeps your skin firm as the epilation head passes and is preferred by women for a less painful epilation**
Over 700 tweezer motions per second for a fast epilation
Over 700 tweezer motions per second for effective epilation.
Easy to use
Up to 30 minutes wirefree epilation, quick 1-hour recharge
Choose the right speed according to your needs!
Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, and speed 2 for extra efficient epilation.
Comes with a pouch for easy storage
Comes with a pouch to help you store all the epilator with all its accessories.
Use wet or dry, in and out of the shower.
For a comfortable use during your shower routine or while watching the TV.
Smart solutions
Sensitive area cap for delicate skin
This epilator has a sensitive area cap. Specifically adapted for more sensitive skin, allowing for gentle epilation in delicate areas
In just one click, your epilator becomes a shaver
Detachable shaving head perfectly follows the contours of your bikini line or underarms for a close and smooth shave. Comes with trimming comb.
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SatinSoft Epilator