ClearTouch Garment Steamer

1800 W, Adjustable pole, Glove
ClearTouch Garment Steamer

Remove creases in no time
Designed for powerful performance

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ClearTouch Garment Steamer
The new Philips ClearTouch garment steamer is designed for powerful crease removal in a few strokes. Its contemporary, unique design is accompanied by smart features and powerful steam that will make ironing both easier and faster.
Quick crease removal
Extra powerful steam
Powerful steam is blown through the nozzles, enabling you to remove creases with only a few strokes.
XL Stainless steel steam plate for faster results
The steamer head has an XL stainless steel steam plate which delivers faster results.
Easy to use
Adjustable pole
Integrated adjustable pole for hanging your garments while using the steamer. It is collapsible for easy storage.
Detachable, transparent water tank with hygienic water inlet
1.2 L detachable water tank with special water inlet for extra hygiene.
Easy Rinse descaling function
Prolong the lifetime of your appliance by using the Easy Rinse descaling function regularly.
Maximum safety
PVC free silicon steam hose
The steam hose is made of silicon material which is the safe and healthy choice for use with steam. As the safety and health of your family is important, no PVC is used in the steam hose.
Safe to use on delicate fabrics, like silk
The steamer is safe to use on all fabrics. It is a great solution for delicate fabrics like silk.
Glove for extra protection during steaming
Included is a glove that protects your hand during steaming.
Refreshes clothes without washing or dry cleaning
Steam kills up to 99.9% of bacteria*
Hot steam kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on clothes and helps delaying washing or dry cleaning*.
Removes cigarette, food and body odors
Powerful steam removes cigarette, food and body odors.
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ClearTouch Garment Steamer
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