Avance Collection Hand blender

700 W Promix metal bar, Variable speed and turbo, 1 L Beaker, XL chopper, whisk
Avance Collection Hand blender

Powerful and easy control handblender
Make a variety of foods your way with SpeedTouch

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Avance Collection Hand blender
Powerful Philips handblender with 600 Watt motor power, Promix blending technology and SpeedTouch button for intuative control: The more you squeeze, the more power. With this hand blender you make fresh food results the way you like it.
Best blending results in seconds
Optimal food flow and blending performance
Developed together with the prestigious Stutgart University, Philips ProMix is a unique, advanced technology that uses a specific triangular shape to create optimal food flow and maximum performance for faster and more consistent blending.
Powerful 700 W handblender motor for best blending results
The Philips handblender with powerful and reliable motor of 700 Watt can blend and almost any ingredient and delivers smooth results. With this motor power this hand blender can drive also a large variety of accessoires.
Versatile and multi-functional
XL Chopper to chop onions, meat, nuts, cheese, chocolate
With the XL chopper accessory (1000ml) for a Philips hand blender you can chop large quantities of meat, herbs, nuts, cheese, chocolate and onions in seconds.
Whisk accessory for whipping cream, mayonnaise and more
Single whisk accessory for Philips hand blender for whipping cream, mayonnaise, pan cake batter and more. Makes your hand blender mutlifuctional and versatile.
1L ProMix Beaker for optimal blending, whisking and mixing
A 1L triangular beaker is included with the handblender. The beaker of the handblender comes with a handy spout and measures. The unique triangular shape feature of the beaker offers an easy grip and creates a vortex that pulls down the ingredients towards the bottom of the beaker were the ProMix blending bar cage is, for optimal blending, whisking and mixing.
Intuitive and easy to use
Anti-splash blade guard with special wave shape
The special wave shape in the bottom part of the handblender blending bar garantees no splashes or mess while you blend.
Ergonomically designed grip for secure and easy handling
Ergonomic soft touch handgrip, designed to give a secure and safe grip which allows for easy holding and maneuvering of the hand blender during use.
Single button release for easy assembly
Simple, quick and easy attachment and detachment of the blending bar and all the accessories with the use of one finger.
SpeedTouch technology to intuitively set the right speed
Intuitive variable speed setting and turbo boost in one button that gives you more power as you squeeze. Start slowly to prevent splashing and smoothly speed up till you reach the required speed for each application and every type of ingredient. Prepare all your favorite recipes at the touch of a button.
Reliable and durable
Hardned stainless steel blending knife
This Philips hand blender has a hardned stainless steel blending knife. The shape of the knife is optimized to deliver with the ProMix triangular handblender blending bar the best blending results. It is food safe and will not corrode.
2 year guarantee
With 2 years world-wide warrantee.
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Avance Collection Hand blender
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