Daily Collection Kettle

1.0 L, 2000W, Stainless steel, Compact, Kettle
Daily Collection Kettle

Compact size, made to last
Stainless steel and sealed, guaranteed no leaks

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Daily Collection Kettle
With over 60 years of kettle expertise, this Philips kettle is made of sturdy, food contact safe stainless steel to assure long lifetime. We designed it to be highly robust to endure frequent use on the long term.
Easy to experience
Compact design to boil only the water you need
Enables you to boil the amount of water you need in a quicker way, whilst occupying less space from your countertop.
Spring lid for easy opening
Spring opening lid opens effortlessly at the touch of a button, also avoiding steam contact
Pilot light indicates when the kettle is switched on
Elegant light incorporated in the on/off switch indicates when the kettle is on.
Cordless 360° pirouette base for easy lifting and placing.
Cordless 360° pirouette base for easy lifting and placing.
Power cord winder for easy storage
The cord can be wrapped around the base, so that the kettle is easy to place in your kitchen.
Easy-to-read water level indicator denoting cup volumes
The water level indicator is easy to read underneath the handle. One cup indicator to boil the amount of water you need, and therefore save energy and water, contributing to a better environment
Fast boiling and easy cleaning
Micro-mesh filter for a clean cup of water
The removable micro-mesh filter on the spout restrains all scale particles with size > 200 micron and ensures that the water you put into your cup is clean.
Flat heating element for fast boiling and easy cleaning
The stainless steel concealed element ensures fast boiling and easy cleaning.
Robust metal kettle with brushed stainless steel body
Robust metal kettle with brushed stainless steel body is made to have a long lifetime.
Safe to use
Multiple safety system against boil-dry
The kettle shuts off automatically when the water is ready, when it is lifted from the base or when there is too little water in it in order to avoid boil-dry.
Food contact safe stainless steel
This kettle is made of food contact safe stainless steel for your clean cup of water.
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Daily Collection Kettle