Viva Collection Rice cooker

Mini-cooker, 0.7L, 330W
Viva Collection Rice cooker

Small size, big functionality
Various menus to meet different cooking needs

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Viva Collection Rice cooker
The creative Philips mini-cooker with various menus is the perfect size to create multiple healthy recipes for fresh meals every time.
Comprehensive functions with stunning performance
Five major cooking functions
Select reheating and warming functions with one touch for hot food whenever you want it; The cooking completion times for all 6 menus can be set 24 hours in advance. Finish your breakfast or dinner early for a hassle-free life; Cooking times can be adjusted as necessary. Cooking times for soups, congee and stews can be adjusted between 1-4 hours, and yogurt between 4-12 hours; Also comes with a child lock function giving you peace of mind
Includes: rice, soups, congee, stews, yogurt, clay pot rice
Six handpicked menus: Rice, soups and congee for all your daily needs; Nourishing stews and yogurt provide the nutrition you need for a healthy life; Quick and easy clay pot rice helps your family create delicious meals whenever they want
Hydrating micro-pressure design for outstanding performance
Built-in hydrating micro-pressure valve design provides maximum moisture retention, bringing out the natural flavor of the food for optimum taste
Easy cleaning
Detachable inner lid for easy cleaning
Aluminum alloy inner lid can be detached and cleaned to prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria
Provides delicious food in perfect portions
0.7L volume designed for single people or small families
0.7L volume holds 4 cups of rice and congee made with 0.5 cups of rice. Suitable for single people or small families, with no need to worry about leftovers
Compact design takes up a small amount of space
Compact design takes up a small amount of space.
Stylish and eye-catching
Touch sensor for easy operation
Sensitive, easy to operate, durable
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Viva Collection Rice cooker
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