SmartPro Active Robot vacuum cleaner

3-step cleaning system, 120 min runtime, Click-on mopping, Virtuall wall
SmartPro Active Robot vacuum cleaner

A thorough and effortless advanced clean
With Smart Detection System and 3 steps cleaning

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SmartPro Active Robot vacuum cleaner
The Philips SmartPro Active robot vacuum cleaner cleans for you. Thanks to the Smart Detection System, the robot optimizes the cleaning strategy to clean your home thoroughly.
Cleans on its own
Infrared sensors for detecting and avoiding obstacles
The new Philips robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with 6 Infrared sensors for detecting and avoiding obstacles such as walls, lamps or cables, so your floors are cleaned carefully.Finally you can enjoy a clean house without your interference.
Automatically returns to base station for charging
When the battery of the Philips robot vacuumcleaner is almost empty, it will automatically go to the docking station to charge itself, so it will get ready for its next cleaning session.
Schedule your weekly cleaning
Cleaner offers a weekly scheduling function, so you can program your next cleaning session one week in advance, with the possibility to set a different time for each day excluding one day. The Robot will activate even if you are not at home, so you can enjoy a clean house.
Powerful Li-Ion battery for 120 min operating time
The powerful Lithium-Ion battery has a longer lifetime and a shorter charging time than standard batteries. The new robot vacuum cleaner runs up to 120 min.
Smart Detection System adapts cleaning to any environment
The new robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with the Smart Detection System, a combination of smart chips, up to 25 sensors, gyroscope and accelerometer, that makes the robot efficient to clean on its own. The Robot understands the environment and chooses an optimal cleaning strategy to clean your home as quickly as possible. The robot does not get jammed and returns to its docking station when necessary.
Extra accessories included
Remote to control the robot from a distance
The remote control allows you to control the Robotic Vacuum cleaner from a distance and perform several actions. You can tell the robot to start and stop, guide it to any direction, change the cleaning path or ask the robot to go back to the docking station.
Virtual wall to keep the robot out of off- limit areas
The Virtual wall creates an invisible barrier that the Robot cannot cross. This invisible barrier can be used to confine the Robot to a particular room or area, and preventing it from getting too close to electrical or computer cords, delicate objects on the floor, etc. The virtual wall has a reach of 2 meters approximately.
Thorough cleaning performance
3-step cleaning system including dry mopping function
First two long brushes swipe dirt and dust into the path of the robot. Then, the nozzle picks up dirt and dust thanks to its powerful motor. Lastly, the click-on mopping pad enhances the cleaning by collecting even the finest dust from your floors.
The robot detects the most dirty areas for a deeper clean
The dust sensor feature enables the robot to automatically recognize the areas where most dust is accumulated, so it stays in that area for a few seconds more to have a deeper cleaning.
Contour following nozzle adjusts to uneven floors
The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a movable nozzle that follows the contours of the floors, carpets, rugs, etc. to ensure accurate cleaning results.
4 cleaning modes to adapt to different areas
4 cleaning modes to adapt to different areas in your home. The z-type mode drives the robot in a parallel zig-zag pattern, when it discovers a relatively larger space. The bounce mode drives the robot in a straight line, when it bumps into an object the robot will choose another random direction. With the spiral mode the robot moves in a spiral motion with an increasing radius. The wall-following mode drives the robot to clean while staying close and parallel to the wall.
TURBO suction mode for intensive cleaning
Turbo suction mode for intensive cleaning.
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