Cleaning cartridge

3-pack, Cleans, Lubricates, Refreshes
Cleaning cartridge

Keep your shaver like new
For all SmartClean systems

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Cleaning cartridge
The cleaning cartridge for the SmartClean system, gives you a convenient way to clean, lubricate and refresh your shaver, for that new shaver feeling every day
Keeps your shaver performing at its best
Dual Filter system cleans hair, foam and gel
The Dual Filter system cleans hair, foam and gel. The unique double filter prevents hairs from clogging your shaving heads, maintaining your shaver's excellent performance.
The active lubrication reduces friction and wear on blades
The active lubrication system reduces friction and wear on shaving heads and blades, keeping your shaver performing as new for longer.
For a fresh and hygienic shave
Cleans up to 10x better than water
The DualFiltration system and active lubricationc leave your shaver up to 10 times cleaner than with water alone
Removes skin oil from blades for a fresh and hygienic shave
The patented formula removes skin oil and dirt from the shaver blades, ensuring you get a fresh and hygienic shave every day.
Leaves a fresh scent on your shaving heads
The new cartridge liquid for the SmartClean system has a unique formula and a pleasant fragrance. It hygienically cleans your shaver, while leaving a fresh scent on your shaving heads.
Convenient and easy to use
Effectively cleans shavers used with foam and gel
The Philips SmartClean system with cleaning cartridges is the first shaver cleaning system that effectively cleans shavers used with foam and gel.
9 months of convenient cleaning
One Philips cleaning cartridge lasts for up to 3 months of weekly usage. This 3-pack gives you 9 months of convenient cleaning.
For all SmartClean systems
The cleaning cartridges are suitable for all shavers with the SmartClean system.
*Results are measured by volume of hairs remaining on the shaving head after cleaning, based on the results from Philips internal lab tests and HUT with consumers.
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Cleaning cartridge
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