Cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner

3-in-1, Vacuum, mop and hendheld, 25.2 V, Mini Turbo Brush
Cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner

Vacuums and mops in one stroke
Always at hand to quickly clean daily messes

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Cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner
The new cordless (25.2V) PowerPro Aqua is a 3in1 powerful tool to deal with daily messes. A bagless vacuum cleaner includes a handheld for chair or corners, a mini turbo brush for soft surfaces and a mopping system to clean damp dirt.
Always at hand and convenient for daily usage
Bagless: one-step empty dust bucket, simple and hygienic
With the new bagless PowerPro Aqua vacuum cleaner, you can dispose dust from the dust bucket without touching the dirt.
Cordless cleaning: freedom to clean everywhere
The rechargeable battteries for cordless operation gives you freedom to clean everywhere. Now the cable is not a barrier anymore and you can easily clean in different rooms with no hassle.
High maneuverability and light weight for easy handling
High maneuverability and light weight are ensured with the new PowerPro Aqua vacuum cleaner for easy handling.
Instant click on/off mopping system for wet cleaning
With the magnest on both sides, the mopping system is easily clicked on and off to the nozzle.
Powerful 25.2V Lithium Ion battery for 1 hour cleaning
Cordless cleaning with powerful 25.2V Lithium Ion battery for 1 hour runtime. You can charge any time without needing to wait for an empty battery
Microfiber pads
The new PowerPro Aqua includes two types of microfiber pads to mop different surfaces: 1) One universal microfiber pad for regular mopping, which is ideal for such surfaces like tiles. 2) One soft microfiber pad for cleaning more delicate surfaces, such as wooden surfaces. The microfiber pads can be washed by hand*
Mini turbo brush for cleaning soft surfaces
Thanks to the mini turbo brush, you can now easily clean soft surfaces like sofas, cushions and matrasses. It is also ideal for removing animal hair
Cleans everyday messes with vacuum and mop
TriActive Turbo nozzle for powerful performance on carpets
The TriActive Turbo nozzle delivers powerful performance on hard floors and carpets. The motorized brush and the optimized airflow pick up all dirt and fluff in one go.
3 layer filter German technology captures micro particles*
3 layer washable filter designed with German technology can capture >90% of ultra-fine particles like microorganisms up to size of 0,3 microns (many bacteria, pollens and allergens are around this size) to realize cleaner air.
Handheld for vacuuming furniture and hard to reach corners
New mopping system with optimal wetness on hard floors
The unique mopping system controls the water release to maintain optimal wetness for all hard floors throughout the cleaning. The microfiber pads* can be washed by hand or in washing machine.
PowerCyclone technology for high vacuum cleaning performance
PowerCyclone fan roates with speeds up to 300 km/h to create high G-force in the PowerCyclone which effectively seperates dust from air, hence continuously high cleaning performance.
*As tested by Freudenberg. Measurement results according DIN71460-part1
*Recommended to replace every 6 months, 2 microfiber pads are included in pack, you can check to find where to buy the microfiber pads.
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